East Metro Upgrade

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East Metro Rebuild
Availalble Now!
Official 730a Patch Available (see below)
Ten new activities featuring CLW's SD7's Available now! (see below)

Back in the summer of 2001 I set out to create something I knew in my life I could never do for real, to be a railroader. Twenty-seven days later I began a quest to learn the route editor. Laying track, it's as if I could hear the clanking of the hammers against the rail spikes. I could almost smell creole from the ties baking in the hot sun. Before long, the first version of East Metro was completed, released September 14th 2001. And unbeknowst to me, my career as a route builder brought on by the popularity of East Metro, began.

Years passed by and the East Metro was all but forgotten. Weeds had grown over the tracks and much of the route fell into disrepair. Considered old and outdated, the namesake East Metro was hardly uttered but by a few faithful. In recent days the fate of whom we affectionally call the 'old gal' was put to me, can the East Metro live again? I had my reservations.

In late January the work began. East Metro was done at a time when most of our modern techniques we use to build routes, weren't even an idea. But once again the hammers crashed down on old nail heads. Terrain was removed or reshaped in an effort to make the EMRR natural in appearance without the use of DEMs. The mostly default MSTS library the old East Metro relied on was removed and replaced with my own library. And while the old East Metro had been detailed for its day, today the scenery is much more dense in every category that can be imagined. In places, even the track has been relaid for optimal switching and AI train running. Such is this rebirth for the "old gal" that it is suffice to say the "old gal" is back!

East Metro Rebuild New track textures, and new scenery top to bottom. This is a sample from Big City.

Near Big City train yard
East Metro Rebuild Dick Cowen couldn't resist to supply the East Metro Rebuild with new rollingstock and a fresh new coat of paint.

Picture taken heading south from Metropolis
East Metro Rebuild Some of the track will be as before, but much has been changed to accomodate better technique, more industry switching and optimized AI traffic.

Picture from a Big City industry
East Metro Rebuild Designed with MSTS Bin, the scenery is amazing. Frame rates are still more than acceptable.

Picture of a Dick Cowen painted SW1200 heading northward
East Metro Rebuild Every new All Aboard route or upgrade includes new objects. Here's one of the new passenger created for the East Metro Rebuild by Ed Hawkins.

Picture from Metropolis City
East Metro Rebuild And here is another of Ed's passenger stations at Big City. Ed has done several new objects for the East Metro including Intermodal crane, team track shed, a third station and more.

Picture from Big City
East Metro Rebuild Many new industries have been added and even track has been reworked to yield some of the best entertaining railroading I have seen to date.

Industry picture from Big City
East Metro Rebuild For more information about the East Metro Upgrade please see the All Aboard forum at 3dtrains' site. There are already threads currently available for viewing many more pictures and contain information regarding the details of the upgrade.

Looking south towards Big City

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The patch fixes some cosmetic issues with the route, includes a revised set of schematics for you to use. Install the patch the same way as you do the route, only point the installer to your copy of MSTS and not to any folder within it. Download the patch HERE!


The new activities #26-#34 are available now featuring CLW's East Metro SD7's! No charge! Please see this thread at my 3dtrains forum for more information.