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RW Routes: Fort Smith To Heavner Ohio Steel 2 Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Colton & Northern Rascal & Cottonwood
MSTS Routes: Canton Cumberland Ohio Rail East Metro Activity Tutorial
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Born in Philly, Pa., but grew up most of my life in Pittsburgh. Now I live close to Charlotte, NC. Still an avid Pittsbugh Steeler fan and also remember the great days of Roberto Clemente and the 1970's Pirates. Biggest claim to fame is having been there at Three Rivers Stadium when Franco Harris made his 'immaculate' reception. I attended college where I was a Music Major (Saxophone & Bassoon) at IUP (Indiana Univ. of Pa.). Afterwards I served in the US Navy during the years of Reagan, as a Bio-Medical Repair Technician. Afterwards I pursued a career in computers and programming amd started my own business doing the same since 1992 and still do so.

As long as I can remember, I've been a fan of rail. In my younger days in Philly, my grandfater loved to take us for rides on the subway. He'd get us those big hot pretzels and down the streets of Philly we would walk. In Pittsburgh there was all the trolleys. My father started a simple HO layout and I developed a strong interest in scale trains. Later with my own two kids I created my own model railroading sets in both HO and N.

My layout

While trains and music and the Navy were great times in my life, I still have to give a love for God the top priority and reason for whom I am. I enjoy the knowledge and heart felt sincerity that even those times I fail, there still Almighty God I can turn to. Please give him a chance. Your place in eternity may depend on it.

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I never left my years of music behind. My younger brother, who was also in the Navy bands, came back from overseas with this idea to create music using synthesizers. Doing a little research myself, I learned you could use computers to do this too. A number of years later and technology getting to as it is, the hobby has grown to a passion. My love for music is in arranging. The music I prefer to arrange in is in the style of the Big Band. Please give a listen to inspirational music (instrumental big band) that I have arranged. You will be surprised by the quality and 'realism' of the sound. I like to think the arrangements are pretty good too!

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Richard Garber